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  Gilbert Estates  

Description:    An excellent business opportunity is available to the right candidates!
BE THE OWNER OF YOUR VERY OWN GILBERT ESTATES FRANCHISE for the reasonable price of only R28,500 !!

What is included in this fee?

  • The benefit to trade under the name of Gilbert Estates as a Real Estate Agency for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Properties (both Sales and Rentals) as well as Business Broking, Mortgage Bond Origination, All under our Banner!
  • A start up pack of 100 correx boards (25 For Sale, 25 To Let, 25 Area Agent, 20 Property Wanted and 10 Show House Pointer Boards), samples of our pamphlets / leaflets we use.
  • 600 basic documents on a compact disc for your Franchise, in fact all the documents you will need at your fingertips!
  • All the training you will need, how to run your Franchise Operation.
    At present the training is undertaken in Johannesburg for you, the Franchisee, as well as any staff you employ. Full ongoing training is provided at no extra cost to yourself. All other staff that you employ that attend our training will be requested to pay R250.00 per course for administration fee only. The Trainees will receive a training manual as well as a certificate. However, we are not an accredited Training Provider in terms of the new education system, so you will have to go the nearest registered Training Provider.
  • You also receive our 100% support and day to day backup so as to ensure that you make a success as a Franchisee of Gilbert Estates. This support is ongoing.

Category:    Real Estate Services
General:    Franchises available in South Africa
Upfront Capital:    R28 500
In terms of the Code of Conduct every agent must be registered with the EAAB and be issued with a Fidelity Fund Certificate before they are allowed to operate as an agent. This is a further cost being your registration fee for the Estate Agency Affairs Board. (R529.80 to register as a learner agent) - This is compulsory. If you have not as yet registered as an agent with EAAB, then we will assist you in registering as an agent. There is a new qualification and registration process which has been implemented for new registrations, which we will discuss with you at the interview stage.

There is a royalty fee payable only on the total commission you receive for a specific month. The Royalty is 5% + vat.
For example, if during the month of March 2008 you have received R50000 (Net after VAT is deducted), then R50000 X 5% + vat = R2850. This is the amount you would pay as a royalty to us. Should you not receive any commission during a specific month, then no royalty is payable. There are no fixed royalties, nor any fixed advertising charges, nor any other costs that you are obliged to pay us. However, from time to time we do purchase advertising material as discounted prices, for example, umbrellas, t-shirts, caps, etc - we charge you exactly what we pay for them, should you require such items.

The cost to set up your own offices, advertising, banners, signage etc is for your own account. We can assist you with the setup concepts; however, the expenses are for your account in respect of setting up an office within 4 months of acquiring a franchise.
How many offices do you need? Minimum one office, however the area that we allocate to you is vast, you can have more than one office which is recommended. The key to a successful real estate business is in advertising and if you have a visible office in an excellent location, you will excel!
How many people you have to employ depends on how large you intend to grow, and how many areas you wish to operate in, e.g. a sales team, a rental team, a business broking team and a bond origination team. This alone is already at least 4 employees. Sales, business broking and bond origination works on commission basis only - no basic salary paid to employees. Rental agents usually work on basic salary of R2000pm and commission. This provides you with a basic idea of your budget requirements.

To purchase a Gilbert Estates Franchise, the cost is R25000 plus VAT 14% i.e. R28500. This is not negotiable as we are the most reasonably priced real estate franchise in South Africa. We are also not a finance organisation and our franchise fee is payable upon signing of the franchise agreement.

Internet Website:   
Other Information:    The Possibility of opening a Franchise depends on a few aspects:
  • Start up Finance Fee to purchase the Franchise. (R28500)
  • Registration as a real estate agent as a ''Learner Agent'' (R529,80) falling under the guidance of ourselves for 1 year, registering with the Services Seta and an Accredited Training Provider and the cost for the course is R10000 for the NQF Level 4 qualification. However, you will be registered under us for your learnership period and as we are paying skills levies, we will apply for a bursary for you through Service Seta and possibly there may be no charge for the training.
  • The area available for you to have exclusive marketing rights (however, you can market out of your area as well, with certain conditions)
  • Cash flow/income for marketing and running expenses to create awareness in your area.
  • Computer literate in E-mail, Excel and Word is essential.
Within the Gilbert Franchise, you are entitled to operate in the following fields.
  1. Residential Sales and Rentals. Your Rental department can have two separate methods of conducting business, these are: Procurements, (i.e. procure a tenant and finalise a lease agreement) or Rental Collections / Property Management.
  2. Commercial and Industrial Sales and Rentals.
  3. Business Broking.
  4. Mortgage Bond Origination. You receive 1.2% commission on every loan application that is approved, once the mortgage bond is registered. This 1.2% commission that you receive in addition to your sales commission!
You will require Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 as your operating system, Microsoft Office Basic Pack which has Word, Excel. You will also require a DVD Rom, as well as Adobe Reader software. You will require internet as well as an email address. You will also require a Fax machine, Photocopier etc.- just some of the basic requirements.

If you wish to continue further, then the next step would be to make an appointment with myself and then be present at an interview at 72 Leonard Street Kenilworth, Johannesburg.

Here we will meet and we advise that you present us with a business plan on why you would like to acquire a Gilbert Estates Franchise as well as completing the ''FDP007 Franchise Business Application Form.'' We will also provide you with a comprehensive information pack explaining our whole franchise operation. We will allocate a potential ''Area of Operation'' for you, which will be defined in an area map.

With the above information you receive during the interview, you will then be expected to take the information pack as well as the area map and go away with this so as to enable you to:
a. read and understand all the documentation; and
b. view and inspect the area so as to ascertain whether that area is suitable for you to operate your real estate business.

The final stage is for you to be 100% certain that you wish to proceed and that you have the capital to purchase the franchise, have sufficient capital for marketing and day to day expenses for approximately 6 months and will be able to open an office in your area within 4 months from signing the contract (negotiable). You will then make another appointment for one morning in order to conclude the contract. You will be required to pay your franchise fee and complete the registration forms and pay for your registration with the EAAB. Thereafter, you will receive immediate training on how to operate a franchise. This initial training will take approximately 3 hours, wherein the computer programs, forms, documents, management of a sale as well as FICA requirements will be explained to you.

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