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  London Pie Co.  

Description:    London Pie opened its first iconic Pie Shop in 1994. Today, 15 years and 135 stores later, London Pie is amongst the most familiar and best loved brands in South Africa. With a firmly established reputation as the premium pie franchise chain, London Pie is an attractive, easy to operate and potentially highly rewarding opportunity. Coupled with a dynamic new management team and a strategic focus on brand revitalisation, London Pie is fast becoming a franchising leader.

Why own a London Pie?

The London Pie success recipe is a combination of our 15 years of expert franchising experience within the marketplace as the premium pie pioneer, blended with the change in ownership as of February 2008 (when the company was bought by the Krok Group). The new management team will be driving this already established company into the future. The strategy brings with it an energetic look and feel, exciting new product launches and promotions, vigorous communication campaigns and improved brand standards, amplified by dramatically revamped store locations and outlet facelifts. All of which make London Pie a truly ideal business investment.

We offer our franchisees:

  • Superior products:
    Our pies are made from the freshest, most wholesome ingredients. We unequivocally serve a superior premium pie.
  • Ease of operation:
    London Pie franchises are amongst the easiest businesses to operate. They do not require full time operation by their owners, although many people choose to do so. They do not require highly skilled or sophisticated staff. The owner/investor can easily operate the standard London Pie with excellent controls and frequent visits, without giving up their day job.
  • Low entry cost, low franchise fees and excellent returns:
    It is our policy that we do not open new stores unless we believe it is likely that you will be able to recoup your entire investment in 24 to 30 months.
  • Support:
    The Head Office ethos is one of dedicated involvement, open communication and professional guidance. We have a team of area managers who are able to assist franchisees in all aspects of the business from bake training and electrical repairs to advising on labour relationsand rental negotiations. The Head Office team offers turnkey support, from aiding with initial site selection to branding, marketing and promotional direction.
Who is ideal for us?

Our ambitious brand image dictates the need for equally dynamic, motivated and expert operators to join our network. As an NEF (National Empowerment Fund) approved company and with finance available for qualified BEE candidates, London Pie is the ideal business for the entrepreneurially driven candidate. We recognise the go-getting attitude that South Africans possess and so we aim to embrace that very independence by offering potential business owners a truly rewarding investment opportunity.

Category:    Food - Fast Foods and General
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att: Bob Jorgensen
Franchise Marketing
London Pie Co.
2nd fl. I-Trade House
42 Andries Street, Wynberg

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